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Interview with Anastasiia Gureva. Tennis during COVID-19

10 Марта 2021

We would like to open our series of introductory articles about aminoVITAL ambassadors by an interview with the talented Russian tennis player Anastasiia Gureva.

Anastasiia has been playing tennis since she was 5.
She started playing tournaments at the age of 9.
From 10 to 13 she occupied the first line in the national rating of Russia.
From the age of 11 she has been in the Russian national team.
Winner of the Russian Championship U-12 in singles and doubles, silver medalist in singles and winner in doubles U-14.
Winner of the European Winter Team Championship U12, U14.
Winner of the individual European Championship in doubles.
Multiple winner and finalist of international (Hungary, Bulgaria, Norway, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, England, Serbia, Italy) all-Russian singles and doubles competitions.
Ranked # 1 U-14 in the European Tennis Europe ranking.
Winner of the Yeltsin Tennis Prize for young and talented tennis players.
At the time of the article, ranked 54th in the world ranking of juniors U-18.
Candidate Master of sports in tennis.



How did you learn about the aminoVITAL?

My personal doctor, when putting together a program for me, advised to take aminoVITAL during tournaments and trainings, as it provides energy and the necessary amino acids to maintain good shape throughout the playing time.


What exactly do you like about aminoVITAL products? How would you assess the effect of using aminoVITAL?

aminoVITAL has a lot of good products, however aminoVITAL Guts Gear jelly is my favorite one and works best for me. Grape-flavored and tasty, it really helps to replenish energy during the match as well as the training process.


Why did you decide to become aminoVITAL ambassador?

I am very happy to be a part of aminoVITAL team. I really like the product and want others - pro and amateurs, young athletes - to know about such a great and indispensable product that meets the highest world standards.


What changes have taken place in the training process and preparation for competitions in connection with the Covid-19 pandemics? How has the world of tennis changed recently? What helps to maintain your shape in such difficult circumstances?

The training process was difficult to build due to the self-isolation and cancellation of competitions, as training is based on the conclusions of previous competitions, we work on technique, physics, tactics. Competitions organization has also changed a lot due to the current situation. I started playing all-Russian tournaments from the beginning of August 2020, and international tournaments resumed on September 2, 2020. However so far only in Serbia and Turkey, where I immediately began to take part. 

The world of tennis is still, like in the past year, going through hard times: tournaments are canceled, postponed, athletes have problems with entry to many countries. A lot of Russian athletes’ visas have expired and embassies are closed. To some extent, I was lucky - there are international companies with which I have been cooperating for several years. Their support and faith in me helps me stay in good shape and perform successfully in competitions. Ajinomoto and aminoVITAL have been with me throughout all this time. Thank you for your trust and support.

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