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Interview with Nikolai Guryev. Beach tennis during COVID-19

22 Июля 2021

Our series of introductory articles with aminoVITAL® ambassadors continues with an interview with the talented Russian tennis player Nikolai Guryev.

  • Sport type: beach tennis.
  • Achievements: World Champion 2017.
  • Silver medalist of the World Team Championship 2015.
  • Bronze medalist of the Team World Championship 2018,2019.
  • 4-time Champion of Russia
  • 3-time winner of the Russian Cup
  • Top-30 international rating of the best beach tennis players according to International Tennis Federation ITF.

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How did you learn about the aminoVITAL®?

In 2018, during the Beach Tennis World Team Championship, I played for the Russian national team. The team doctor helped us with sports nutrition and among others there were Ajinomoto products. After that I began to use them throughout the season.

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What exactly do you like about aminoVITAL® products? How would you assess the effect of using aminoVITAL®?

At the moment, I have 4 products in my ‘arsenal’: Multi Energy Jelly, Gold BCAA and Amino Protein powders, and BCAA tablets. I use the company's products every day (with the exception of a few rest days), and get additional support for my body in the form of various amino acids or high-quality, quickly absorbed carbohydrate energy from the jelly. The effect of the use is extremely positive, since I really feel both an influx of energy and strength, as well as a faster recovery.


Why did you decide to become aminoVITAL® ambassador?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using aminoVITAL® products before our cooperation. I understood their effectiveness, the recommendations of professional doctors and felt only positive effects. Therefore, after the offer of cooperation was received, I did not think for a second and immediately agreed! It is a great honor for me to represent such a famous and large Japanese brand in the global sports nutrition industry.

 WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 17.35.46 (1).jpeg

What changes have taken place in the training process and preparation for competitions in connection with the Covid-19 pandemics? How has the world of tennis changed recently? What helps to maintain your shape in such difficult circumstances?

At first, there was complete uncertainty about what tournaments would be, where and when they would take place. Now, when the calendar is more or less outlined, we are guided by the closest Russian and international starts.

The world of beach tennis has been developing at a rapid pace every year since 2007, when the International Tennis Federation has taken it under its wing. And this process is unstoppable, every day it conquers more and more new fans. More and more people devote themselves completely to this sport and become world-class professionals. The success in the development of beach tennis is already evidenced by the fact that in 2019 it was included in the program of the World Beach Games in Qatar.

At the moment, I would not say that the time is difficult. It is rather strange, though. Therefore, we do not make plans for the distant future, but work with a margin for a couple of weeks, maximum months in advance. The next major competition is the World Grand Prix in Kazan at the end of July, which will bring together all the best players from all over the world. And of course, aminoVITAL® products are always with me, allowing me to get the most out of my training and competition.

See you soon on the beaches around the world!

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