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Interview with Sofiya Palkina. World of athletics during Covid-19

15 Апреля 2021

Interview with Sofiya Palkina. World of athletics during Covid-19

We would like to continue our series of articles with aminoVITAL®️ brand ambassadors by an interview with talented Russian hammer thrower Sofiya Palkina

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Sofiya Palkina

  • International master of sports
  • World Championship Champion among girls under 18 years old (2015)
  • Winner of the European Youth Throwing Cup(2019)
  • European Youth Champion (2019)
  • Champion of Russia(2020)

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How did you learn about aminoVITAL®?

I first came across with aminoVITAL® when we were given supplements and sports nutrition in training camp about 3-4 years ago.


What exactly do you like about aminoVITAL® products? How would you assess the effect of using aminoVITAL®?

Out of all aminoVITAL® products I like aminoVITAL® Amino Protein and aminoVITAL® Multi Energy best.

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Why did you decide to become aminoVITAL® ambassador?

For me aminoVITAL® is a sports nutrition brand that I trust, which is very important nowadays. aminoVITAL® products have a good effect on my body, especially during serious physical exertion. Also, each portion is in an individual sachet -- you can take as many as you need just by putting it in your backpack or bag, and then just drink some water with it and that's it. So there’s no need to bring a shaker, for me it is very convenient. In fact, I really love Japan, I associate it with high quality in many areas. So when I realized that I like your products, and how they help my body train and properly recover, I wanted to start working directly with you, and help in promotion.

What changes have taken place in the training process and preparation for competitions in connection with the Covid-19 pandemics? How has the world of track and field changed recently? What helps to maintain your shape in such difficult circumstances?

When all the restrictive measures related to COVID-19 were introduced, I tried to keep my body in good shape with the help of various exercises. After some of the restrictions were lifted, my coach and I decided not to vary our preparation much and calmly get ready to the 2020 Russian Championship. I did not approach it in my best shape because of the long restrictions, but I performed well there. Now the preparation is going on as usual, although in winter I could not perform because I got infected with COVID-19. Now everything is fine, I am training and preparing for the summer season. I have an Olympic qualifying standard, and I really want to make it to Tokyo

The situation in Russian track and field is currently not very good, which dates back to 2015. As everyone knows from the news, Russia is not allowed to use its name, flag and anthem. We can only compete under neutral status, which wasn’t given either this year. Because of all these issues, I missed enough international starts, and even during my entire junior age I performed only in Russia. Nevertheless, I still strive for further, I want to become stronger, I want to throw further, and you know, when a person wants something, it is difficult to stop them.

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